Speaking Up For Sponsorship

Alison and Richard Weakley, from TN, are 10 kids strong….through sponsorship, that is! Having been on two Ordinary Hero Ethiopia trips, they have learned to come back and use their passion for what they experienced and what they saw in Ethiopia, to SPEAK UP! In May they spoke of their experience serving in Ethiopia at McKendree United Methodist Church and again in July at Mt Carmel United Methodist, sharing pictures and stories of their time in Ethiopia. Their¬†voice of advocacy resulted in 10 children finding sponsorship and over $600 in donations!

Alison and Richard sponsor two children in Ethiopia, themselves. During their time in Ethiopia with the Ordinary Hero team, they were able to visit with their sponsor children and see their homes. This personal experience is what drives their passion for children in need. They have personally seen how these children live and the impact of sponsorship and how it changes lives…..even their own.