#ChangePartner Story: Tegegn

The first time I met Tegin was in his home in Yiragalem, 7 hours south of Addis. As we walked in he was laying on his bed along with his 4 year old daughter passed out beside him. We quickly realized the situation was severe. As we began talking to him he revealed to us that he was HIV positive and at the time very ill. His family’s food supply had run out days ago.
We took down his information, gave him 100 birr ($5) which he could make last 5-7 days if he rationed it, promised to help find a sponsor, and prayed for hope over this seemingly hopeless situation.
After we reported his case back to Kelly Blevins, a sponsor was quickly found and our prayers for him had been answered. Beginning the next month he began receiving a steady supply of food.
The next time we visited, about two moths later, they were a different family. Joy was spread across his face and his daughter was up and running around the house.
During that visit our friend and guest house owner Bizzy shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with him and explained that this is why we had come so far to help him. After hearing, he and Abenezar (the ministry leader in Yirgalem) prayed with him and he received Jesus as his savior.

Now Tegin is out of his bed and walking around for the first time in months. He is filled with a new joy and is full of hope for a bright future. He hopes to soon open a shop in front of his house and begin the road to self sustainability.
Without the support of donors like yourself we would have never made it into the home of Tegin. Thank you for your support.

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