Gezealew’s Story

Gezealew is a 13 year old boy. He lives with his mother and his brother Mequanint. Before their mother brought them to our partner ministry, Endihnew Hope, she made a living by begging on the streets. She would ask Gezealew to help her beg for money but he refused many times. Because of this, she would leave him locked in their house for an entire day until she came back with money for food. She locked him up because she had no one to help her look after him. She told us that the three of them could only afford to eat twice a day: breakfast and dinner. Gezealew could not learn or focus in school because he wasn’t fed properly.

After being sponsored, we paid them a visit and their mother told me they can now eat at any time of the day because they have plenty of food in their home. She was thrilled to tell me that she is able to feed her children whenever they ask, and that Gezealew is now able to focus in school. The family of three is beyond happy to have found a sponsor. This change couldn’t have been possible without Gezealew’s sponsor, a high school student from North Dakota.

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