New Field Partner : Hand In Hand

Part of our mission at Ordinary Hero is to ‘partner with impoverished communities’. This allows us to link arms with those in Ethiopia who have a vision for their community and country. Our ministry partners have become some of the most respected ministries and change-agents of their communities.

With that being said… We are pleased to announce our newest ministry partner on the ground in Ethiopia: Hand In Hand. This ministry is run by long-time friend and translator, Tekabe Ambaw, and we are so excited about all the lives that will be changed through this ministry.




When asked why he wanted to start this program, Tekabe said, “First of all, it is the calling of God. This is God’s plan and not my own.”

He never dreamt he would be doing this kind of impactful work, but God has brought him to it and he is being obedient to the passion God has laid on his heart. Tekabe spoke briefly about how God introduced him to OH, and when he came into contact with working with children, he began to love them passionately and appreciate everything they constantly taught him.

“They [children] changed my life. They have played a role in helping me find Jesus in the way we should know Christ. Children are my heroes.”

Tekabe says that education can and will make a difference in the future generation. He says that he is a testimony to this. Tekabe grew up in poor family, and his Grandma was illiterate. She had a dream for Tekabe, and he tells of how she encouraged him and pushed him to continue his education. He wanted to achieve the dream they both shared for his life, and that was to continue and passionately pursue education.

“Invest in a child’s education and their life can change, then the whole community and eventually the country can be shifted.”

Tekabe chose to focus on the poverty-stricken area of Chirkos in Addis Ababa. He first learned of the area from friends of his that were discussing top areas of the city with hunger concerns. It turns out that Chirkos is one of the neediest areas of the capital city. He researched the area, and educated himself more intently on the needs of this community. Tekabe learned that most do not have a way to generate income, and therefore, many turn to prostitution as a means to survive and provide. As a result, many children in the area are half orphaned, not knowing their father. The poverty in many families is severe, and the teachers of the area are used to witnessing kids fainting in class. Often, children find quitting school as the only option. The children in this area are badly in need of educational and nutritional aid.

“The kids say quitting school is the only way, but I say education is the only way. If we can help these kids have a different outcome than their parents, then we can stop the cycle of poverty.”

As we provide school materials, uniforms and such, it is a tremendous way to also help the children psychologically, to have confidence that they can achieve great things.

Hand In Hand aims to identify the obstacles that are stopping children from getting an adequate education, which Tekabe believes largely are the expense of food and school materials, and provide these things in addition to hope, care and love. To view children that are waiting for sponsorship, click here. 

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