Thanks to your generous support, we have been able to provide basic necessities to those who lost everything in the Korah Landslide a few weeks ago.

Below are some pictures of what your donations made possible…

Household Materials: broom, pots, cups, plates, buckets, storage, coffee set, laminate flooring, etc.

IMG_2855 (1)


Meals for hundreds living in tents

IMG_2862 IMG_2860 IMG_2859 IMG_2864  IMG_2879

Coffee and tea are part of every day life in Ethiopia –

200 coffee cups and 200 tea cups were bought for families


Water, coffee beans, and snacks were distributed throughout the day


14 mattresses were distributed to those living in tents as well as those receiving new housing.

IMG_2876 IMG_2873

These two young girls were homeless after the Landslide.

Your donations gave them a place to call home, and fully furnished it.

 IMG_2885 17759097_10155237778772193_595861918_o

Your donations helped meet medical needs of families and children, like the ones below.


IMG_2898 IMG_2893

And our staff continues to spend time with these families, loving on and encouraging them..





Thank you for your continued support toward the Korah Community. These pictures represent a small fraction of all that you’ve made possible. Our ministry partner and their staff are working diligently every day to restore the lives of those affected by the Landslide.

If you would still like to give, click here.


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