Water Tank Project – Yirgalem, Ethiopia

Thanks to generous donations, a 2000 liter water tank was installed at the Talita Rise Up Orphanage in Yirgalem. This water tank will not only spare the ministry staff with the arduous task of walking to fill their water jugs each day, but will also provide them with water security during times of drought. The new system will provide the much needed clean water for daily tasks such as making formula, cooking, and bathing for the children. But that is not the only benefit that this water tank provided.  When the system arrived, village locals were hired to install the system, providing jobs and boosting the local economy.  As we know, every little bit helps!

Everyone is looking forward to enjoying the fresh, clean water made possible by supporters like you! If you would like to get involved with other projects like this, contact us to learn about our latest ministry needs and how you can help.

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