How $50 Per Month Changed Lives, Including Mine / Guest Blog

Guest Blog, written by Madison Novacek:

“Before I go into my lengthy caption for these very important photos, I just want to start off by saying that I am not asking for praise or wanting to make this seem like I’m bragging in any way. My hope is that even if you get that vibe right away, that you can let the judgement go and listen to the greater message behind this post:

It just took 1,800 dollars.
50 dollars a month.
3 years.

That’s all it took for me to receive this amazing email today:

“I wanted to let you know that your sponsor family, Lome, has officially graduated from sponsorship!!! This is incredible news as it means that they are completely self sufficient and actually have been for a few months now. The money that has been sent for the past few months was put into their savings account and they have done well making it on their own. The business is profitable and your family was truly happy to be graduating.
We celebrated with cake, coffee, and speeches from each family who graduated. I cannot even begin to express the gratefulness your family had for you when it was their turn to speak. LOVE…that is the best way to describe how they spoke about you and your support and encouragement.”

IM SHARING THIS SO WE CAN ALL CELEBRATE TOGETHER! And maybe by me sharing this today I can encourage you to let it be known that ANYONE is capable of making an impact. The best part is it doesn’t always require as much effort as you think.

Sometimes all it requires is a “Yes, I’ll help you because even with whatever excuses I can find, I recognize that I have privilege and resources to help.” I literally did nothing. This was not me. I just kept living my comfortable life while 50 dollars got automatically taken out of my account every month, and this was the result. Lives changed, mine included.


Thank you for reading this and celebrating such an awesome moment.”


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