What Will I Do With What I’ve Seen?

Guest Blog, by Kenneth Poindexter
“My last trip to Ethiopia with Ordinary Hero was life changing. I was surrounded by a great team and a very strong leader, Kelly Putty, to follow and learn from her example on how to be an ordinary hero. Our experience was full of life with the kids, staff and most importantly God himself. There is never an ordinary trip with Ordinary Hero because it involves layers of heart, struggles, questions, topping off with the question of “What am I going to do?”; “How am I going to change the world for “One”.
During the trip we witnessed such suffering and poverty, but in the very middle of it was the joy of people who had nothing but leaned on the mighty army of God. My spirit was quickened to the things I was afraid of in life: If I was in the same condition and situation as the people that I was trying to serve, would I have the same gladness of heart as they do? Would I still praise God as they do?
This led me to make a stand, that I would not return home the same old way. There had to be a change in my life. I decided to make my prayer life a priority on behalf of those who are in Ethiopia, to thank God for their loving spirit. I also decided to go back to school for a Masters in Christian Leadership, so that God may use me for His Glory.
Thank you Ordinary Hero for giving me a freshness in my walk and my life.”

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