Meet the Team Monday – Abebech Kebede

This week’s ‘Meet the Team Monday’ features our newest member of the team, Abebech Kebede, our new field director! Abebech brings both knowledge and heart in her support to our ministry leaders on the ground in Ethiopia. She also works directly with us (stateside staff) on a daily basis. Please join us in welcoming this amazing woman to the team!


How did you get connected to Ordinary Hero?

My former professor/instructor, who is the Holistic Child Department Head at Ethiopian Theological College of Addis Ababa, sent me an e-mail explaining the job opportunity at OH. That is how I got connected and came to know about Ordinary Hero.


Why are you passionate about serving others?

I understood the concept of serving others later in life, and it’s connected to my experience with becoming a Christian. Previously, I did not have a clue.  I was focused on myself and pursuing my own life objectives like many other people.  But through time, the more I spent time in the word of God and in prayer, I came to understand God’s love. Then the way I looked at my life changed completely. I understood my purpose. At that time, I was living in Italy and working there. I believe it is God who put the desire in my heart and I followed it.  Philippians Chapter 2 explains very well about Jesus, the concept of humility, and how he came to serve others. Therefore, as Christians, Jesus is our model.  I believe this is what God expects from us. Serving others, from my little experience, is not an easy concept. It requires your time, energy, whatever you have… dying to yourself. But it is my prayer to live each day of my life with this principle.


What do you love most about your country?

I love the people, especially the poor. I appreciate the respect and trust that they have for people.  The social life is there.  They are together in time of great need despite their poverty. They try to embrace each other, help each other and share what they have. I have spent time with many families and this is what I have seen.