Meet the Team Monday – Tigist Abay

This week’s Meet the Team Monday features Tigist Abay, one of our two Guest House chefs. Tigist, also known as TG, not only offers up delicious food to all who stay with us, but can also be found joking around with guests and playing with their kids. She brings life and laughs to the Guest House, and is a great friend that quickly becomes family to all travelers. Read our interview below to learn more about TG.


How did you get connected to OH?

I met OH in 2011. At that time I worked at a different Guest House. When I saw what OH did I was really inspired. I am always so happy with the things they do. God willing, a few years later I joined OH Life Center and Guest House.


Why do you love helping people / serving people?

I love helping people because that is what my family has taught me growing up. When we help each other we receive spiritual fulfillment. I want to manifest this in every day of my life; I always do my best to help my neighbors and my family.


What do you love most about Ethiopia?

I am so proud that I am Ethiopian. Though our country is considered one of the poorest countries in the world, we are rich in our values, we are rich in our languages, and we have a strong culture of helping each other. In the future I strongly hope we are able to change Ethiopia and come out of poverty.

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