A New Era for Orphan Care

In recent months, Ethiopia has banned international adoption. For those that would like to learn more about the recent ban, click here to learn more. Below is a blog written by Founder, Kelly Putty, in response to the needs she saw at orphanages during her most recent trip, as a result of the adoption ban:

Since returning from Ethiopia, I’ve felt an enormous burden to raise my voice about what I saw and experienced within orphanages effected by the recent ban. The orphanage social workers now carry the largest burden of all, as they continue to receive babies without the capacity to care for them. I witnessed nannies caring for a room full of babies to the best of their ability, but simply put, they need help. Not only are they caring for the physical needs of the children daily, they carry the emotional weight of not knowing what their future will hold. They are faithful, hardworking heroes.

For many orphanages, they received monetary support from adoption agencies as the children were being placed up for adoption. They made sure that the children were cared for properly. Now that the government has stopped adoptions, these agencies have stopped their support, even as the orphanages continue to fill up with children. With their main source of support diminished, these orphanages are in need of new avenues of support.


While visiting two orphanages, Talita Rise Up and Kidane Miheret, that we consistently visit each Ordinary Hero trip, I asked the directors about their greatest needs. They both shared that their greatest need at this time is diapers and formula. Both orphanages have rooms full of babies that require food and diapers throughout the day.

Sister Lutgarta and sister Camilla have both served the children at Kidane Miheret orphanage for over 40 years. They have given their lives to the welfare of these children. They want more than anything for the children to be placed in families. Watching the nannies feed and diaper the babies one after another, as if they were their own, was very humbling to experience.



Our dear friends Abenezer and Atkilt started the Talita Rise Up orphanage in the countryside of Ethiopia. The police bring babies that have been abandoned, usually left in a forest or at a hospital. With the help of the local church, they have successfully and repeatedly placed these children in a foster care program in their local village. This program allows children to grow up knowing the love of a family.



We are launching a campaign to help these friends of ours. Most of us cannot imagine running out of diapers or formula needed for our children. By sharing the resources we have available to us, we’re lightening their load while also providing these children with the care they need to grow.

Our goal is to give 100 baby bundles, which will provide formula, diapers, and wipes to the two orphanages we support. Would you join us?

Click here to purchase a baby bundle.


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