Post-Trip Thoughts from a University of Kentucky Student Athlete

As I sit on the plane heading back to Lexington, it’s really hard to find the words to even begin to describe my week in Ethiopia. I’m so overwhelmed with emotions & thoughts. Ethiopia, as well as many countries in that part of the world, gets a very bad reputation and is portrayed pretty poorly through the media… however, after just one week I learned that Ethiopians, while they have more physical struggles than we do in America, have a much more loving culture. Every person greeted us with hugs and kisses and smiles that spread from ear to ear.

The amount of spirituality Ethiopians have is indescribable. It’s incredible to witness these people living in such poverty and devastation, but still praising God for what they do have. Just being around that environment truly strengthened my relationship with God. I can truly say I have never felt as much love and spirituality before Ethiopia.

I will physically be back in Lexington shortly, but my heart will remain in Ethiopia. I cannot express how blessed I feel to be able to experience such a trip. My life has been changed from just one week in such an amazing place. God is so good & so alive in the hearts of Ethiopians & I am forever touched by the people I met.

A big thank you goes out to UK Athletics… Without you all, this trip would not be possible. Also, Jason Schlafer, one of our leaders of the trip – this experience wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you for the opportunity. To the 7 other girls that joined me on the trip – I love you all and I wouldn’t want to experience this trip with anyone else. To Ethiopia, I know in my heart that I will travel back to you, so, it’s not a “goodbye” but a “see you later.”


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  1. Great post! We felt the same way when we went to Ethiopia a couple of times in 2014. On the second trip, we brought our adopted daughter home with us. Amazing, beautiful, incredibly loving and kind people.

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