3 Reasons Why Providing School Supplies Matters

Rain bouncing off of tin roofs on a brisk “winter” morning… amharic filling the streets… mothers preparing coffee for themselves and neighbors… children dressed in bright school uniforms heading out the door to grab the hand of a friend and skip to school. This will be the scene just a few weeks from now as children start another school year in Ethiopia.

While there are similarities between here and there that make the world feel a little smaller, there are differences as well. One of those differences is the ease at which many of us in the States are able to purchase all the needed school supplies for children starting school this fall. We simply make an afternoon of it… run to Target, fill up the cart, check out, and we’re set for the year. In Ethiopia, that’s often not the case. For those fighting daily to afford food and house rent, the extra expense of school supplies could be the sole reason a child doesn’t get to go to school. Below we’ve outlined ‘3 Reasons Why School Supplies Matter’ for those we serve in Ethiopia and how you can help:

1. Providing school supplies removes the burden from children and families who cannot afford them.

Government schooling in Ethiopia is free. However, in order to succeed in school, you must have the supplies needed to participate. School supplies include a school uniform, backpack, writing utensils, exercise books, workbooks and textbooks. Receiving an education is crucial for children to rise above poverty, and providing school supplies removes an obstacle they may face in achieving it.

2. Providing school supplies enhances learning.

When children have the supplies needed to take notes and do the required homework at home, they will be more engaged in class and more prepared for assignments.

3. Providing school supplies increases confidence in students.

Students that lack basic supplies will often feel inferior or “less than” their classmates. When a child does not have to worry about a lack of school supplies, it lays the groundwork for a confident student that can learn to his or her best ability.

School supplies may seem like simple items, but they truly make a difference in the life of a child. If you would like to purchase school supplies for a child that would not be able to afford them otherwise, follow this link to visit our Mission Market, and our field staff will purchase and distribute them before school starts. Tomorrow (8/10) is the last day to purchase! In the coming weeks we will post pictures across our social media to show everyone what YOU made possible!

Thank you for partnering with us in educating children and changing lives.

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