Korah Community

Location: Korah, located in Addis Ababa

Ministry Director: Tesfaye Tekeste

Overview: The Korah community is a small village in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Today Korah is known as a trash dump community, but originally it was established as a leper’s colony – a result of the placement of a leprosy hospital in the community about 95 years ago – and people afflicted with leprosy throughout Ethiopia gradually descended upon this community. Eventually the city of Addis Ababa designated this community as the spot for the city landfill.  The population of Korah is estimated at over 100,000 people living within 2 square miles, making the population very dense. An estimated 3,000 lepers live in the village today, and around 10% of the population in Korah are HIV+. The three main income sources are begging, collecting recycled materials at the local trash dump and daily labor. An estimated 3,000 families rely on the local trash dump for their livelihood, collecting food and recycled materials to support their families.

Yuseus Kasahun

Name: Yuseus Kasahun

Story: Yuseus is 2 years old and he lives with his mother, Getay Ayele in Korah. Getay is 25 years old and works as a house cleaner to earn an income for her and her son. She used to collect and sell items but became injured and lost the use of her left hand. Yuseus’ father is 32 year old Kasahun. He is no longer involved with the family, and Getay is raising Yuseus as a single mother.

Kiruse Alemayhe

Name: Kiruse Alemayhe

Story: Kiruse is 6 years old and in grade 1. He loves going to school and his favorite class is English. He hopes to become a pilot some day! He lives with his mother, Tiruzer, father Alemayhe, and sibling Kalah, 9 years old. To support the family Alemayhe works as a daily laborer, and Tiruzer washes clothes for other families to earn a small income.

Selenat Family

Name: Selenat Eneyew

Story: Selenat is 45 years old and married to her husband, Tesfaye. Together they have 6 children: Zerihun, 20 years old, Zenebech, 18 years old, Selam, 17 years old, Kidist, 12 years old, Eyerus, 6 years old, and Besuficad, 3 years old. Sweet Eyerus has Downs Syndrome and Selenat often looks after her and Besuficad, but collects and sells items from the trash dump to earn a small income to support their large family.

Tesfamichel Girma

Name: TesfaMichael Girma

Story: Tesfamichael is 21 years old and in a vocational training school studying to become a civil engineer. His focus is on furniture building, and upon completing school Tesfamichael hopes to find works as an engineer. He has worked the trash dump ever since he was a child, and is grateful that sponsorship is giving him the opportunity to change his life and give him hope.

Kidist Gezachew.

Name: Kidist Gezachew

Story: Kidist is 5 years old and in grade KG1 this year. She loves playing soccer with friends at recess, the color yellow, and her English class, and she dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up! She lives in Korah with her mom, dad, and two siblings. Her parents work as daily laborers to support the family.

Hana Abebe

Name: Hana Abebe

Story: Hana is 11 years old and in 5th grade. Her enjoys playing soccer with friends, her favorite color is yellow, she likes her math class, and dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up. She lives in Korah with her mother Addis, who is raising Hana as a single mother and works as a daily laborer to support the family.

Abraham Getachew.

Name: Abraham Getachew

Story: Abraham is 10 years old and in 5th grade. He likes playing soccer with friends, and dreams of  becoming a doctor some day! Abraham lives in Korah with his mother, Selamawit, father, Getachew, and 4 year old sister, Firehiwot. The family often collect items from the trash dump to sell to earn a small income.

A Night In Korah

Videographer and storyteller, Ryan Daly, spends a night in Korah and documents his experience to share with the world. The people featured in this film are part of our ministry in Korah.