Korah Community

Location: Korah, located in Addis Ababa

Ministry Director: Tesfaye Tekeste

Overview: Korah is a village founded about 95 years ago by lepers. The king of that time built a leprosy hospital which brought lepers from different regions of Ethiopia seeking treatment. Most of the lepers that came were too late to be fully treated for leprosy, so they began settling around the hospital permanently. They feared going back to their villages because of the isolation and stigma they had experienced due to the disease. Today, leprosy is not the biggest issue of Korah, but there are still an estimated 3,000 lepers living in the village. The stigma has also decreased as a result of the disease declining, and new cases of leprosy are no longer emerging. The population of Korah is estimated at over 100,000 people. The total size of Korah is no larger than 2 square miles, making the population very dense. HIV is one of the biggest health issues today, with around 8-12% of the people living in Korah affected. The three main income sources of Korah are begging, collecting recycled materials at the local trash dump and daily labor. Most beggars found in the capital city of Addis are living in Korah. Lastly, close to 3,000 families rely on the local trash dump for their livelihood, collecting food and recycled material.

A Night In Korah

Videographer and storyteller, Ryan Daly, spends a night in Korah and documents his experience to share with the world. The people featured in this film are part of our ministry in Korah.