Korah Community

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All sponsorships are $55/month

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Name: Abush Fantayneh

Story: Abush lives in the Korah community with his mother, Asnaku. Abush is age 12 and in grade 5, however, he is currently not attending school due to working in a grocery store to help provide for his mother. His mother, Asnaku, is an elderly lady. She has 4 children total, but only Abush currently lives with her. Abush has taken it upon himself to help provide for his mother. Our hope is that Abush can be sponsored which would provide him and his mother with monthly food and allow him to go to school. Thank you for your consideration of sponsorship for Abush. Sponsorship will help change his life and set him on a better course for his future.

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Name: Ashenafi Nigussie

Story: Ashenafi Nigussie is 13 years old and is in the 6th grade. His mother, Amarech, works at the local trash dump collecting recyclable materials. Amerech often has bad health, and as a result she is not able to work at the trash dump as often as she’d like. She worries very much about the future of her son. Ashenafi does not know his father, as he left when he was 6 months old. Ashenafi loves to play soccer and hopes to be a doctor when he grows up. The biggest needs of the family are food, rent, and medical support.

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Name: Elidana Minalu

Story: Elidana Minalu is 3 years old and lives with her mother, Chekoleach, whom works at the local trash dump collecting recyclable materials while also searching for food. Their livelihoods depend on the dump and what it provides. Elidana’s mother expressed that their biggest need is food.


Name: Fisha Degu

Story: Fisha is in the 7th grade and his dream is to become an engineer. He loves playing soccer and told us that his favorite food is beef. Degu’s father was in a car accident many years ago and as a result uses crutches. Since his father is unable to find work, he spends his time begging while Fisha’s mother works at the local trash dump. They struggle to make enough to provide for the family.

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Name: Mitke Getenete

Story: Mitke Getenete is 8 years old and she is in the second grade. She lives with her mother and little sister. Her father left the family when she was one year old. Her sister, Bezawit, is one year old. Their mother works at the local trash dump collecting food and recyclable materials.  Mitke says her favorite subject is English, and she wants to be a police officer when she grows up.

Welete Birhan

Name: Welete Birhan

Story: Welete Birhan is 54 years old. She lives in an area known as Korah, which is located next to the city’s trash dump. Not only does she live near the dump, but she also works at the dump collecting recycled materials. This is how she provides for herself. Sponsorship ensures that Welete is able to get her most basic needs met, such as food and housing.

Yohannes Debalke (1)

Name: Yohanes Debalke

Story: Yohanes Debalke is 19 years old and he is a second year student in technical school, studying auto-electricity. He lives with his parents and two siblings. Yohanes is also a member of a circus group, where he does gymnastics and performs in shows. Yohanes desires to pursue gymnastics and circus-related work, and wants to eventually become a professional gymnast. His family currently lives near the trash dump in plastic housing.

A Night In Korah

Videographer and storyteller, Ryan Daly, spends a night in Korah and documents his experience to share with the world. The people featured in this film are part of our ministry in Korah.