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All sponsorships are $55/month

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Name: Baby Yosef Kasahun

Story: Baby Yosef is 10 months old. He and his mother, Mekadis, live in the Korah Community. Mekadis has two children she is raising by herself as a single mother. Baby Yosef also has an 11-year-old sister named Atule. Atule is in grade 1. Mekadis waited patiently at our Korah compound to meet with our team in order to seek extra help as she strives to care for her children. She also pointed out to us that her son, Yosef, is struggling with a form of head fungus that needs to be treated. She seems to be a loving, caring mother who desires that her children have good opportunities in their lives. Thank you for considering sponsorship of Baby Yosef to give him a good chance toward his future. More pictures are available upon request.

Yabsira Sisaye

Name: Yabsira Sisay

Story: Update…SPONSORED! 

Yabsira is 4 years old, and she lives with her mother, Amarech Worku, father, Sisay Alelign, and siblings, Tamirat, who is 10 years old and in 4th grade, and Getayawkal, who is 2 years old. Amarech is unable to work as she has an issue with her nerves and stays home with the younger children, but Sisay works as a security guard to earn a small income for the family.

Abay Ichelea

Name: Binyam Abebe

Story: Update…SPONSORED!

Binyam is 14 years old and in 5th grade. He likes playing soccer with friends at recess and when he has free time after school. Currently his favorite color is green. He is enjoying his science class in school this year, and dreams of becoming a scientist some day! Binyam lives in the Korah community with his mother, Abay, father, Lakew, and siblings Blen, 6 years old, and Kirubel, 3 years old. The family is greatly dependent on sponsorship to meet their needs, and Lakew collects and sells items from the trash dump to earn a small income for the family.

Zakeir Temom

Name: Zakeir Temom

Story: Update….SPONSORED!

Zakeir is 5 years old and in kindergarten this year. He likes playing soccer with friends at recess and when he has free time after school. He is attending private school, and currently Zakeir’s favorite color is yellow. He is enjoying his math class in school this year, and when he grows up, Zakeir dreams of becoming a professional soccer player someday! He lives in Korah with his mother, Adanech, father, Dejene, and 10 year old brother, Hermon. To support the family Dejene works as a daily laborer to earn a small income.

A Night In Korah

Videographer and storyteller, Ryan Daly, spends a night in Korah and documents his experience to share with the world. The people featured in this film are part of our ministry in Korah.