Endihnew Hope

Location: Entoto Mountain, outskirts of Addis Ababa

Ministry Director: Endihnew (Mesfin) Yadergal

Overview: Entoto is located in the beautiful Ethiopian countryside on a mountain above Addis Ababa. It is home to many people suffering from HIV, Tuberculosis, mental illness, and other medical concerns who have come to the mountain in pursuit of healing from the “holy water” located in a local Orthodox church on the mountain. Children on Entoto Mountain often struggle with starvation, poverty, and disease, and have little access to education. In some cases, mothers strap 180-200 pounds of firewood onto their backs and haul it up and down the mountain in exchange for less than $1/day. These families fight to survive daily.


Name: Matiyos Tagese

Story: Matiyos likes playing soccer and is enjoying his math class in school. When he grows up, Matiyos dreams of becoming a doctor! He lives on Entoto Mountain with his mother, Emebet. Matiyos’ father passed away many years ago, and Emebete supports her son as a single mother, working as a daily laborer.

Kidist Wendemo

Name: Kidist Wendemo

Story: Kidist is 16 years old and in 8th grade. She likes playing soccer with friends, and is enjoying her civics class in school. She dreams of becoming an engineer and lives on Entoto Mountain with her mother, Kibinesh, and older brother, Asnake. To support her family, Kibinesh works doing daily labor in the village.

Aster Fekadu

Name: Aregaghn Bezuneh

Story: Aregaghn is 17 year old and in 8th grade. He enjoys playing soccer, likes his math class this year, and hopes to become a professional soccer player some day. Aregaghn lives on Entoto Mountain with his mother, Aster, her husband, Habtamu, and his siblings Tigist, Yohannes, and Bereket.

Elsabet Bitew

Name: Elsabet Bitew

Story: Elsabet is 12 years old and in 5th grade. She likes playing hide and seek and tag and she is enjoying her math and science classes. When she grows up, Elsabet dreams of becoming a sociologist someday. Elsabet lives with her mother, Walta, who is blind, sister, Mulu, and newest baby to the family, Beshate.

Gecho Beryhoun

Name: Gecho Beryhoun

Story: Gecho is 14 years old and in 6th grade. He likes playing soccer, is enjoying his math class in school, and hopes to be a nurse someday. Gecho lives with his mother, Mekdes, father, Beryhoun, and siblings Habta and Edlawit. Beryhoun has a disability with his legs severely limiting his mobility, and cannot work currently.

Netsanet Abebe

Name: Netsanet Abebe

Story: Netsanet is 11 years old and in 5th grade. She likes playing hide and seek, enjoys her social studies class in school, and dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up! Netsanet lives on Entoto Mountain with her mother, Hiwot, father, Abebe, and newest little brother Yisak, who is 1 year old.

Mikiyas Sahele

Name: Mikiyas Sahele

Story: Mikiyas is 5 years old and in grade KG1. He likes playing soccer and hide and seek, his favorite color is red, and he is enjoying his English class in school this year. Mikiyas lives on Entoto Mountain with his mother, Mekedese, her husband, Musaye, and 6 month old little brother, Belay.