Endihnew Hope

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All sponsorships are $55/month

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Anteneh Demelash

Name: Anteneh Demelash

Story: Anteneh Demelash is 19 years old and lives on Entoto Mountain with his parents and 9-year old brother. Anteneh is currently in technical school but his favorite subject is art, and he hopes to become a painter when he grows up. His father, Demelash, has lost his job and his mother, Fikerte, works as a daily laborer. He enjoys playing soccer in his free time.

Biniyam Girma

Name: Biniyam Girma

Story: Biniyam Girma is 13 years old and he is in the eighth grade. He shared that he dreams of becoming a mechanic when he grows up. Binyam lives with his parents and two older siblings on Entoto Mountain. His mother, Fikerte, and his father are daily laborers, but his father struggles with a drinking problem. Sponsorship ensures that the basic needs of this family are met.

Hanna Sisay (1)

Name: Hanna Sisay

Story: Hanna Sisay is 9 years old and lives with her mother on Entoto Mountain. She is in the third grade and her dream is to become a doctor when she grows up. Hanna’s mother supports the family by washing clothes and offering to clean the homes of neighbors, but due to COVID-19, she has not been able to work as she used to.

Tadele Frew (1)

Name: Tadele Firew

Story: Tadele Firew is 20 years old and lives by himself on Entoto Mountain, located on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. His mother, father, and sister live in the countryside but he moved closer to the city for more opportunity. He has completed the tenth grade and his dream is to become a driver. He currently has his license but he has been unable to find a job.

Shewalem Enda

Name: Shewalem Enda

Story: Shewalem Enda is an elderly woman that lives on Entoto Mountain with her two children. She settled there in order to get access to “holy water” from the local orthodox church for her daughter, Meselech, who they believe has a mental problem. Meselech is 25 years old. Shewalem also has a 16 year old daughter and 19 year old son that live with them. Shewalem is the main caretaker for all three children as her husband has passed away, and she struggles to provide for their expenses.