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Alemnesh Demisse - Entoto

Name: Alemnesh Demisse

Story: Alemnesh Demisse is about 60 years old, and came to Entoto Mountain from a village called Wollo the Amhara Region. She is divorced, and has three daughters and one son, however it is only one daughter who is living with her now. Amelework Gutema is 19 years old, and is no longer attending school due to her poor health as she has sores on her face and vision problems. Alemnesh spends her time taking Amelework from one church to another church in search of Holy Water, and does not have an income.

Atsede Degegu and her daughter

Name: Atsede Degefu

Story: Atsede Degefu is a 53 years old mother of two and widow. Her children are Simeret Mengistu, 17 years old and in 10th grade, and Israel Mengistu, who is 25 years old, and often works to support his mother and sister. Simeret’s favorite subject in school is English and her favorite color is pink. She enjoys playing soccer with friends at school and in her free time, and when she grows up, Simeret dreams of becoming a doctor!


Name: Tazita Belachew

Story: Tazita likes playing jump rope with her friends at recess and when she has free time after school. Currently her favorite color is yellow. She is enjoying her science class in school this year, and dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up! Tazita lives on Entoto Mountain with her mother, Marta, father, Belachew, and 3 year old little brother Israel. To support the family both Marta and Belachew work as weavers and daily laborers in the village.  

Mushirit (Shewalem Enda)

Name: Shewalem Enda

Story: Shewalem Endais a 50 year old widow and mother of three. Her children are Kelemua Mulatu, who is 16 years old and in 5th grade, Getu Mulatu, who is 16 years old and in 10th grade, and Meselech Nigatu, who is 25 years old, and lives with a mental disability. Shewalem struggles to support her three children and look after her daughter, Meselech. She works carrying firewood up and down the mountain to earn a small income, and often resorts to begging to support her children.