Endihnew Hope

Location: Entoto Mountain, outskirts of Addis Ababa

Ministry Director: Endihnew (Mesfin) Yadergal

Overview: Entoto is located in the beautiful Ethiopian countryside on a mountain above Addis Ababa. It is home to many people suffering from HIV, Tuberculosis, mental illness, and other medical concerns who have come to the mountain in pursuit of healing from the “holy water” located in a local Orthodox church on the mountain. Children on Entoto Mountain often struggle with starvation, poverty, and disease, and have little access to education. In some cases, mothers strap 180-200 pounds of firewood onto their backs and haul it up and down the mountain in exchange for less than $1/day. These families fight to survive daily.


Name: Ashenafi Bekele

Story: Ashenafi is 13 years old and in grade 5. He enjoys going to school and his favorite class this year is science. He likes playing tag and chase with his friends at recess, and when he grows up he dreams of becoming an engineer. Ashenafi lives with his father, Bekele, and two older brothers Befikadu and Belete.

Marone Lika

Name: Marone Lika

Story: Marone is 10 years old and in grade 3. She likes playing soccer and jump rope with her friends, her favorite color is red, and she is enjoying her math class in school this year. When she grows up, Merone dreams of becoming a doctor! She lives with her mother, Kalkidan, and little brother, Tesfaye.

Bogey Getu 2

Name: Bogey Getu

Story: Bogey is 16 years old and in grade 8. Her favorite subject in school is English, and she dreams of becoming a police officer some day. She lives on Entoto Mountain with her mom and older sister, Genet. Bogey’s mother, Aregash, is 45 years old and earns a small income for the family by carrying water in the village for other people.

Mahlat Mulugetta 2

Name: Mahlat Mulugeta

Story: Mahlat is 13 years old and in grade 5. She loves going to school and her favorite class is English. She likes to play jump rope games with her friends at recess, and hopes to become a doctor when she grows up. Her father, Mulugeta, is 48 years old and is raising his three daughters and one son as a single father.

Sentayu Shetahun

Name: Sentayu Shetahun

Story: Sentayu is 9 years old and in grade 3. He likes playing soccer with his friends, and she is enjoying his science class in school this year. When he grows up, Sentayu dreams of becoming a doctor to help sick people like his mom. He lives with his mother, Tenay, and father, Shetahun.

Abebe Legesse

Name: Abebe Legesse

Story: Abebe is 16 years old and in grade 6. She enjoys taking care of plants and spending time with her siblings, her favorite subject is math, and she wants to be a psychologist when she grows up. She lives with her mother, Kaldamech, and siblings Yetnabush, 18 years, Getahun, 14 years, and Tigist, 9 years.