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Available Sponsorships

All sponsorships are $55/month

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Alem Ejagu

Name: Alem Ejagu

Story: Alem Ejagu is 17 years old and she is in the eighth grade. Alem’s dream is to become a doctor and in her spare time she enjoys playing soccer. Alem lives with her mother, Emebet, whom struggles with health problems related to HIV/AIDS. Alem’s father passed away. The family’s main source of income is Alem’s mother, but she is currently not working which has caused the family to struggle. Sponsorship will ensure that their basic needs are met.

Meron Like

Name: Meron Like

Story: Meron Like is 12 years old and she is in the fifth grade. Her dream is to become a doctor and her favorite subject is civics. She shared that she loves jumping rope with friends. Meron lives with her mother and 7-year old brother on Entoto Mountain. Her mother is the main supporter of the family as the father no longer lives with them. She weaves to support the family, but it is not enough to cover their main living expenses.

Fikerte Addidu

Name: Fikerte Addisu

Story: Fikerte Addisu is 8 years old and she is in the first grade. She wants to become a doctor when she grows up. She lives with her mother, father, and two little brothers. Her father, Addisu, has physical disabilities and walks using crutches. As a result he does not work. Fikerte’s mother used to make a living washing clothes, but it is now difficult due to having little children to watch. The family lacks daily food and the basic living necessities.

Shewalem Enda

Name: Shewalem Enda

Story: Shewalem Enda is an elderly woman that lives on Entoto Mountain with her two children. She settled there in order to get access to “holy water” from the local orthodox church for her daughter, Meselech, who they believe has a mental problem. Meselech is 25 years old. Shewalem also has a 16 year old daughter and 19 year old son that live with them. Shewalem is the main caretaker for all three children as her husband has passed away, and she struggles to provide for their expenses.