Sponsor A Child

What Does Sponsorship Provide?

Because of the diverse range of needs within our many communities, we aim to assess each community and family and meet their needs accordingly. When you sponsor a child for $55/month, you will help bring their entire family access to resources like:

Nutrition is a priority for us. We know that children cannot function as they should when they are not getting fed properly. Sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child is provided enough food for 3 meals/day, so that they can learn and play.

Access To Medical Care

Because our children live in the poorest areas of Ethiopia, they face many health challenges. Sponsorship gives them access to our separate medical fund, so that children and family members can get treated as needed.


We believe that a relationship with God and learning the truths of the Bible are vital in children becoming all that they can be. When sponsored, children are regularly exposed to the gospel, fellowship, and prayer through our programs.

Educational Support

In order for the next generation to beat the cycle of poverty, they must be educated. Throughout the year we assist our children with the materials they need to be successful in school. In some cases, children are also provided private school opportunities.

Community Development

Through empowering families and children, we are also strengthening the communities in which they live. Businesses are being started, resources are being poured in, and hope rises throughout the community as they see change.


… And the greatest of these is Love. We have been strategic in partnering with ministries that put priority on loving those within our communities. Through our team visits, through letters from sponsors, and through the opportunity to thrive, we believe the biggest changes come from the love our families and children receive once they are sponsored.

Because of people like you, 675 families are sponsored in Ethiopia

Endihnew Hope

Located on Entoto Mountain, Endihnew Hope serves many families with medical needs, and children who face starvation and lack access to education. For additional profiles visit the Endihnew Hope sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month


Name:  Simeret Mengistu

Story:  Simeret is 17 years old and in the 10th grade.  She dreams of becoming a doctor so that she can help others in need.  She enjoys playing soccer with her friends.  Simeret lives with her widowed mother and her older brother, Isreal Mengistu who is 25 years old. He quit school so that he could work and bring in an income for the family.  They do not make enough to afford basic necessities like food and clothing.  Please consider helping this precious family through sponsorship.

Hanna Faysel

Name: Hanna Faysel

Story: Hanna is 7 years old and in kindergarten. She likes jumping rope and her favorite subject is math. In the future, she wants to be a doctor. Hana’s parents are no longer together and she lives with her mother and three siblings on Entoto Mountain. Her mother earns money by fetching water and washing other people’s clothes, but it does not adequately support them. As a result, Hanna’s family lacks all of their basic needs, including food. Sponsorship ensures that the family’s most basic needs are met on a month-to-month basis.

Estifanos Abrham

Name: Estifanos Abraham

Story: Estifanos Abraham is 3 years old and lives on Entoto Mountain. His mother, Asnakech, came from an area called Wolayita 5 years ago and met Estifanos’s father in Addis. Unfortunately, Estifanos’s father left the family two years ago. Since then times have been difficult for their family and Estifano’s mother has started begging to cover their basic needs. His mother also shared that she has had trouble walking since giving birth, and that she walks with a stick. But she told us that Estifanos is a healthy boy.

Nardos Getachew

Name: Nardos Getachew

Story: Nardos Getachew is 5-years old and has an 8-year old brother named Mikiyas. Nardos’ mother, Selam, works as a domestic house worker and provides for the family. Nardos and Mikiyas have different fathers, but neither father supports or lives with the family. They lack many of their most basic needs, such as food and house rent.

Talita Rise Up

Located in Yirglam in southern Ethiopia, Talita Rise Up is home to abandoned babies, and serves the needs of this extremely impoverished community. For all profiles visit the Talita Rise Up sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month

Betelhem Lankamo (1)

Name: Betelhem Lankamo

Story: Betelhem Lankamo is in the 4th grade. She lives with her mother, father, and two siblings ages 7 and 5 years old. She wants to become a doctor when she grows up. She enjoys math class and playing soccer with friends. Her favorite color is yellow.


Name: Dagmawit  Nigatu

Story: Dagmawit  Nigatu is 12 years old and in the 4th grade.  She is a very good student.  Her favorite subject is Environmental science. Her dream is to be a doctor. Dagmawit lives with her grandmother, Lequite.  Lequite is 6o years old.  She weaves cotton to make traditional blankets.  They live in government housing and pay one dollar a month for rent but Lequite still struggeles to provide food and school materials for Dagmawit.  Please consider sponsoring this sweet family.

Wondemagegn with his mother Almaz and his bigger brother

Name: Wondemagegehu Tadele

Story: Wondemagegehu Tadele is 7 years old and is in the first grade. He wants to become a doctor when he grows up and enjoys playing soccer in his free time. Wondemagegehu has three siblings, but two of them live in the countryside with their grandmother due to the family’s poverty. Wondemagegehu has one brother that lives with him and he is 13 years old. Their mother used to work in individual houses cleaning up animal dung but she had to stop due to health issues. She is the one solely supporting the family as their father left a few years ago. Sponsorship ensures that their most basic needs will be met, such as food and housing.

Dagim Deribe (fathers name Deribe

Name: Dagim Deribe

Story: Dagim is 7 years old and he is in the first grade. His father’s name is Deribe and his mother’s name is Maheteme. He has one sister that is one year old. Dagim wants to become an engineer when he grows up and loves  playing  soccer. His favorite subject is Amharic and he loves to eat enjera with potatoes. Dagim’s father fell from a tree two years ago. As a result, his left hand does not work properly. He used to work as a daily laborer, but ever since the accident he hasn’t been able to. The mother watches after the youngest all day. The family’s biggest need is food and house rent.


A trash dump community located in Addis Ababa, our ministry partner in Korah serves the unique needs of this medically fragile population. For additional profiles visit the Korah sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month

Bizuayehu Kefyalew

Name:  Bizayehu Kefyalew

Story:  Bzuayehu is 15 years old and in grade 7.  She likes music and would like to be an artist when she grows up.  Her brother, Fikadu is 10 years old and in grade 2.  Her mother, Atsede is 36.  She works in the trash dump.  They struggle to pay their rent each month and often do have enough food.  Please consider supporting this precious family.

image1 2

Name: Abush Fantayneh

Story: Abush lives in the Korah community with his mother, Asnaku. Abush is age 12 and in grade 5, however, he is currently not attending school due to working in a grocery store to help provide for his mother. His mother, Asnaku, is an elderly lady. She has 4 children total, but only Abush currently lives with her. Abush has taken it upon himself to help provide for his mother. Our hope is that Abush can be sponsored which would provide him and his mother with monthly food and allow him to go to school. Thank you for your consideration of sponsorship for Abush. Sponsorship will help change his life and set him on a better course for his future.

Yitayish Animut and mother

Name: Yitayish Anmut

Story: Yitayish is 5 years old. Yitayish has not started school yet because the mother could not provide her with school supplies. Yitayish’s favorite game is soccer. Her dream when she grows up is to drive a car. She likes eating pasta. Her mother Yebecha, came from the rural part of Ethiopia. Yitayish has physical challenges (she can’t walk – both of her legs are crippled). She sells traditional food containers (Mesobe) for a living. They pay around $30/month for house rent.


Name: Mistir Alemkere

Story: Mistir Alemkere is 4 years old and she is in kindergarten. She lives with her mother and father, who both work at the local trash dump collecting recyclable materials. As house rent in the area continues to increase, it is becoming increasingly difficult to afford. Their most immediate needs are house rent and food. Mistir says she wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Hand in Hand

Located in Addis Ababa with a focus on the Chirkos community, Hand in Hand serves many children who are in desperate need of educational and nutritional aid. For all profiles visit the Hand in Hand sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month


Name: Zewdnesh Welde

Story: Zewdnesh is a 45 years old single mom.  She lives alone and struggles to send her daughter to college.  Zewdnesh has worked as a housemaid and cleaner.  She currently suffers from a variety of health problems including a uterus infection, extreme back ache and leg pain, as well as a skin allergy. She is not currently working because of her leg pain and has several medical needs.  Please consider supporting Zewednesh.  It would bring her amazing joy and peace.

Fosea Shamel (Hayat daughter)

Name: Fosea Shamel

Story: Fosea is 28 years old and was recently hospitalized to remove kidney stones, and was able to utilize the ministry’s medical fund through sponsorship to cover all of her hospital bills. She lives in the Chirkos community with her sweet daughter, Hayat. Hayat’s father, Mustefa, does not live with the family, but he comes to visit her occasionally. Hayat is too young for school, but enjoys playing with friends and her mom!

Tsehay Tenkir.jpg square

Name: Tsehay Tenkir

Story:  Tsehay Tenkir is 30 years old.  She sells boiled potato along the roadside and washes clothes when she gets the opportunity.  Tsehay often gets sick because of TB related sickness.  Her husband Shemsu Awol works as a day laborer.  They have two children Abdul Hafith Shemsu who is in grade one and Marian Shemsu who is 2 years old.  They do not make enough to cover food, clothing and rent.  They often have to choose between having enough food and paying their rent.  Sponsorship would allow them to afford food and rent and their children would have the opportunity to attend government school.


Name: Mihiret Demisie

Story: Mihiret Demisie is the young mother of 3-year old Abselat. Mihiret came to the city about 7 years ago looking for her sister, but since her sister was married she felt like she had no place to go. People that knew her allowed her a corner of a room in their home. She eventually became pregnant and gave birth to two daughters, but the father abandoned them. Her oldest daughter passed away a year ago. Miheret says she very much desires to work, with a specific interest in selling coffee and tea.

Learn more about our partner ministries and communities in which our sponsored children live: