Sponsor A Child

What Does Sponsorship Provide?

Because of the diverse range of needs within our many communities, we aim to assess each community and family and meet their needs accordingly. When you sponsor a child for $55/month, you will help bring their entire family access to resources like:

Nutrition is a priority for us. We know that children cannot function as they should when they are not getting fed properly. Sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child is provided enough food for 3 meals/day, so that they can learn and play.

Access To Medical Care

Because our children live in the poorest areas of Ethiopia, they face many health challenges. Sponsorship gives them access to our separate medical fund, so that children and family members can get treated as needed.


We believe that a relationship with God and learning the truths of the Bible are vital in children becoming all that they can be. When sponsored, children are regularly exposed to the gospel, fellowship, and prayer through our programs.

Educational Support

In order for the next generation to beat the cycle of poverty, they must be educated. Throughout the year we assist our children with the materials they need to be successful in school. In some cases, children are also provided private school opportunities.

Community Development

Through empowering families and children, we are also strengthening the communities in which they live. Businesses are being started, resources are being poured in, and hope rises throughout the community as they see change.


… And the greatest of these is Love. We have been strategic in partnering with ministries that put priority on loving those within our communities. Through our team visits, through letters from sponsors, and through the opportunity to thrive, we believe the biggest changes come from the love our families and children receive once they are sponsored.

Because of people like you, 675 families are sponsored in Ethiopia

Endihnew Hope

Located on Entoto Mountain, Endihnew Hope serves many families with medical needs, and children who face a lack of food and education. For additional profiles visit the Endihnew Hope sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month

Alem Ejagu

Name: Alem Ejagu

Story: Alem Ejagu is 17 years old and she is in the eighth grade. Alem’s dream is to become a doctor and in her spare time she enjoys playing soccer. Alem lives with her mother, Emebet, whom struggles with health problems related to HIV/AIDS. Alem’s father passed away. The family’s main source of income is Alem’s mother, but she is currently not working which has caused the family to struggle. Sponsorship will ensure that their basic needs are met.

Meron Like

Name: Meron Like

Story: Meron Like is 12 years old and she is in the fifth grade. Her dream is to become a doctor and her favorite subject is civics. She shared that she loves jumping rope with friends. Meron lives with her mother and 7-year old brother on Entoto Mountain. Her mother is the main supporter of the family as the father no longer lives with them. She weaves to support the family, but it is not enough to cover their main living expenses.

Fikerte Addidu

Name: Fikerte Addisu

Story: Fikerte Addisu is 8 years old and she is in the first grade. She wants to become a doctor when she grows up. She lives with her mother, father, and two little brothers. Her father, Addisu, has physical disabilities and walks using crutches. As a result he does not work. Fikerte’s mother used to make a living washing clothes, but it is now difficult due to having little children to watch. The family lacks daily food and the basic living necessities.

Shewalem Enda

Name: Shewalem Enda

Story: Shewalem Enda is an elderly woman that lives on Entoto Mountain with her two children. She settled there in order to get access to “holy water” from the local orthodox church for her daughter, Meselech, who they believe has a mental problem. Meselech is 25 years old. Shewalem also has a 16 year old daughter and 19 year old son that live with them. Shewalem is the main caretaker for all three children as her husband has passed away, and she struggles to provide for their expenses.

Talita Rise Up

Located in Yirglam in southern Ethiopia, Talita Rise Up is home to abandoned babies, and serves the needs of this extremely impoverished community. For all profiles visit the Talita Rise Up sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month

Siru Kayamo

Name: Siru Kayamo

Story: Siru Kayamo is 12 years old and in the 4th grade. She lives with her mother, Azalech, and her three siblings in Yirg’alem, Ethiopia. She is the oldest of all the siblings. Siru’s mother works in a small market selling cultural food. Her husband has passed away and she is the only one supporting her four children, ranging in age from toddler – 12 years old. Siru’s mother receives 60 cents per day from selling food, which is not enough to support her family. Sponsorship will ensure that their basic needs, such as food and housing, are met.

Samuel Shebru

Name: Samuel Shebru

Story: Samuel Shebru is 10 years old and in the fourth grade. He lives with his mother, father and two brothers. His mother sells cultural food in the local market to make a living and his father, Shiberu, works as a daily laborer. Samuel is the oldest and his brothers are 7 years old and 4 years old. Samuel’s parents income is not enough to provide for the family so they lack many of their basic needs. Sponsorship will ensure that these needs are met.

Debritu Alemu

Name: Debritu Alemu

Story: Debritu Alemu is 85 years old and lives in southern Ethiopia. Her children have left the home and she is living alone. She used to bake enjera, a traditional bread, but during the rainy season she fell down and injured her hip. As a result, she finds it difficult to move around and work. Debritu’s biggest needs are food and medical care. Sponsorship will ensure that these needs are provided for.

Nigest Gonesa 1

Name: Nigist Gonesa

Story: Nigist is 20 years old and her source of income is daily labor, but she doesn’t make enough to provide for her small family. She has a 2 year old boy named Barkot, which means Blessing in Amharic. Her husband left town once he found out that Nigist was pregnant. Nigest very much wants to work so that she can help raise her son and provide for him. They are in need of sponsorship, as well as a mattress and cooking utensils.


A trash dump community located in Addis Ababa, our ministry partner in Korah serves the unique needs of this medically fragile population. For additional profiles visit the Korah sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month


Name: Abraham Mary

Story: Abraham is one year old and lives with his mother, Bizuayehu. She is the only one supporting the child, but she currently has no source of income. Abraham’s father used to work at the trash dump but also currently does not have work. Their home is located near the trash dump, but because of recent flooding, her home was highly affected by the water and is surrounded by a terrible odor. Abraham and his family are in need of new housing and food.

Mikiyas Ayalew (1)

Name: Mikiyas Ayalew

Story: Mikiyas is 16 years old and he lives with his parents. He has one younger sister, Nardos. Mikiyas is currently in the tenth grade and his favorite subject is math. He also loves to play soccer in his free time. His father is the one bringing in income for the family by doing daily labor. Mikiyas hopes to be a doctor when he grows up.

106673049_403784567213568_3901139993874216320_n (1)

Name: Solomon (son of Fitfit)

Story: Solomon is in the fourth grade and wants to become an engineer when he grows up. He lives with his parents and his 16-year old sister. His mother suffers from HIV/Aids and the father has physical disabilities, limiting his ability to work. Their home was also recently affected by flooding in their village, and they are in need of new housing.

106675176_1196199930717898_9173478839378791515_n (1)

Name: Daniel Debalke

Story: Daniel Debalke is 9 years old and he is in the second grade. When he grows up he wants to be a doctor. He lives with his parents and two siblings and enjoys playing hide and seek. His family currently lives near the trash dump in plastic housing.

Hand in Hand

Located in Addis Ababa with a focus on the Chirkos community, Hand in Hand serves many children who are in desperate need of educational and nutritional aid. For all profiles visit the Hand in Hand sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month

Bilal Jemal

Name: Bilal Jemal

Story: Bilal Jemal is 12 years old and he is in the seventh grade. His favorite subject is English and he enjoys playing soccer. When he grows up, he wants to become a pilot.  He lives with his mother, who supports the two of them by doing daily labor. Bilal’s mother shared that their biggest needs are currently food and house rent.

Fikadu Heyru

Name: Fikadu Heyru

Story: Fikadu is 16 years old and he is in the seventh grade. Fikadu lives with his mother and 14 year old sister. When Fikadu grows up, he wants to become an accountant. He shared that he also enjoys playing soccer. Fikadu’s father left the family when Fikadu was 7 years old, and since then his mother has been supporting them by washing clothes and baking bread. His mother struggles with health issues related to her heart from time to time. Fikadu is an outstanding student and works on the weekends to provide for his family.

Dagim Bedelu

Name: Dagim Bedelu

Story: Dagim Bedelu is 13 years old and he is in the seventh grade. He lives with his father and 15 year old brother. He shared that when he grows up, he wants to become an artist and enjoys sports as well, especially running. Dagim’s mother left the family when he was an infant because of constant quarreling with his father after he was born. Dagim’s father also struggles with an addiction to alcohol. Sponsorship will ensure that Dagim and his family’s basic needs are met, and will help he and his brother stay in school.

Biruk Zerihun

Name: Biruk Zerihun

Story: Biruk Zerihun is 7 years old and he is in kindergarten. He wants to become a pilot when he grows up. He enjoys playing with toys and especially loves cars. Biruk lives with his mother, Tsehay, and his father left the family about 7 years ago. Biruk also has a heart condition that doctors have told the family they want to watch as he gets older, because they’re not able to operate on it yet. Biruk’s mother supports the family by washing clothes. Sponsorship will ensure that Biruk and his family’s basic needs are met.

Learn more about our partner ministries and communities in which our sponsored children live: