Sponsor A Child

What Does Sponsorship Provide?

Because of the diverse range of needs within our many communities, we aim to assess each community and family and meet their needs accordingly. When you sponsor a child for $55/month, you will help bring their entire family access to resources like:

Nutrition is a priority for us. We know that children cannot function as they should when they are not getting fed properly. Sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child is provided enough food for 3 meals/day, so that they can learn and play.

Access To Medical Care

Because our children live in the poorest areas of Ethiopia, they face many health challenges. Sponsorship gives them access to our separate medical fund, so that children and family members can get treated as needed.


We believe that a relationship with God and learning the truths of the Bible are vital in children becoming all that they can be. When sponsored, children are regularly exposed to the gospel, fellowship, and prayer through our programs.

Educational Support

In order for the next generation to beat the cycle of poverty, they must be educated. Throughout the year we assist our children with the materials they need to be successful in school. In some cases, children are also provided private school opportunities.

Community Development

Through empowering families and children, we are also strengthening the communities in which they live. Businesses are being started, resources are being poured in, and hope rises throughout the community as they see change.


… And the greatest of these is Love. We have been strategic in partnering with ministries that put priority on loving those within our communities. Through our team visits, through letters from sponsors, and through the opportunity to thrive, we believe the biggest changes come from the love our families and children receive once they are sponsored.

Because of people like you, 675 families are sponsored in Ethiopia

Endihnew Hope

Located on Entoto Mountain, Endihnew Hope serves many families with medical needs, and children who face starvation and lack access to education. For all profiles visit the Endihnew Hope sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month


Name: Tazita Belachew

Story: Tazita likes playing jump rope with her friends at recess and when she has free time after school. Currently her favorite color is yellow. She is enjoying her science class in school this year, and dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up! Tazita lives on Entoto Mountain with her mother, Marta, father, Belachew, and 3 year old little brother Israel. To support the family both Marta and Belachew work as weavers and daily laborers in the village.  

Atsede Degegu and her daughter

Name: Atsede Degefu

Story: Atsede Degefu is a 53 years old mother of two and widow. Her children are Simeret Mengistu, 17 years old and in 10th grade, and Israel Mengistu, who is 25 years old, and often works to support his mother and sister. Simeret’s favorite subject in school is English and her favorite color is pink. She enjoys playing soccer with friends at school and in her free time, and when she grows up, Simeret dreams of becoming a doctor!

Hanna Sisay

Name: Hanna Sisay

Story: Hanna Sisay is 7 years old. She is in Kindergarten.  Hanna’s dream is to become a doctor. She loves dogs. Her favorite game is jumping and she likes the color red. Hanna lives with her mother Alem Edo. They struggle for basic necessities like food and clothing.

Betelhem Tadesse

Name: Betelehem Tadesse

Story: Betelehem Tadesse is 5 years old.  She is in Kindergarten. Betelehem wants to become a pilot when she grows up. Her favorite game is jumping rope and her favorite color is blue. She has three siblings (three sisters and one brother). Their father died several years ago. Senayit supports the four children by carrying wood on her back and selling it in the market. It is very difficult work and she does not make enough to cover basic needs like food and clothing.

Talita Rise Up

Located in Yirglam in southern Ethiopia, Talita Rise Up is home to abandoned babies, and serves the needs of this extremely impoverished community. For all profiles visit the Talita Rise Up sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month

Shewadar kabiso

Name: Asnakech (Shiwida’s daughter)

Story: Asnakech loves to help her mother Shiwida with household work. She is a very good student. She wants to become a police officer and a social worker when she grows up because she wants to defend women and also help the poor. Shiwida has a vegetable kiosk on the gate of her house. They currently live in a government house without water or electricity. Sponsorship would give them the ability to run power lines to their house for water and electricity.


Name: Agenehu Abera

Story: Agenehu Abera is in grade 6. His favorite subject is English. He is a very good student in school. He works hard and would love the opportunity to attend a private school. His favorite game is football.  He lives with his mother Dinblal Dukamo and his 9-year-old brother Henok Worke who is in grade 2. His father left the family after his brother was born. Dinblal works as a daily laborer. She does not make enough to pay for food and rent and each month.


A trash dump community located in Addis Ababa, our ministry partner in Korah serves the unique needs of this medically fragile population. For all profiles visit the Korah sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month

Dereje Makuraw

Name: Dereje Makuraw

Story: Dereje Makuraw lives in Korah with his mother and father and 2 siblings. He is 16 years old and is in grade 9. He says he wants to be a Dr when he grows up. He has a sweet demeanor and seems very humble in his personality.  His father is named Makuraw and used to work construction until he fell from scaffolding 11 years ago which has prevented him from walking appropriately since then. He uses a cane to walk. Dereje’s mother has a form of bone TB and is asthmatic which leaves her sick and unable to work. The family survives by begging. They have been advised to move from where they live in Korah because of the effects it has on Dereje’s mother. More pictures and video available upon request.


Name: Zakeir Lila

Story:  Zakeir Lila is 9 years old. He lives in the Korah community with his mother, Lila, and his 3 year old brother, Abdu. He is a super sweet boy with a loving personality. He says he wants to be a Doctor when he grows up. His mother struggles from back pain due to carrying water on her back for so many years. She washes clothes when she can find the work. This sponsorship will help provide them with much needed support for food each month and education support for Zakeir. More pictures are available upon request.


Name: Thule

Story: Thule lives in the Korah community and is a mother of 2 small sons. She walks with a cane due to falling from a tree when she was 5 years old. She came to the city many years ago seeking medical care for her leg but was unable to find support. She has a husband she met in Korah who is also crippled. They both beg for income for the family in order to pay their rent and have money for food. Your sponsorship will ensure that Thule’s family has monthly food supply, educational support for the children and access to medical support. There is an option to pay extra to help with rent if one desires to do so. Thank you for your support of this family. More pictures available upon request.

Zakeir Temom

Name: Zakeir Temom

Story: Zakeir is 5 years old and in kindergarten this year. He likes playing soccer with friends at recess and when he has free time after school. He is attending private school, and currently Zakeir’s favorite color is yellow. He is enjoying his math class in school this year, and when he grows up, Zakeir dreams of becoming a professional soccer player someday! He lives in Korah with his mother, Adanech, father, Dejene, and 10 year old brother, Hermon. To support the family Dejene works as a daily laborer to earn a small income.

Hand in Hand

Located in Addis Ababa with a focus on the Chirkos community, Hand in Hand serves many children who are in desperate need of educational and nutritional aid. For all profiles visit the Hand in Hand sponsorship page.

All sponsorships are $55/month


Name: Zewdnesh Welde

Zewdnesh is 45 years old and a single mom. She has one daughter who doesn’t live with her, but she supports her in college. Zewdnesh has worked as house maid and as cleaner.  She currently suffers from a variety of health problems including a uterus infection, extreme back ache and leg pain, as well as a skin allergy. She is not currently working because of her leg pain.


Name: Adanech

Story: Adanech is a 46 year old single mother and has three children. Her children’s education is very important to her, and she works to pay for their schooling. In the past she has worked as a daily laborer carrying and delivering construction materials, and also worked as a housemaid. Adanech has been living with HIV for past 12 years, and is doing better on medication, however she often suffers from throat and back pain that make working very difficult for her to manage. Sponsorship would help Adanech meet her basic needs, help her send her children to school, and help her afford the medical attention she needs.

Fosea Shamel (Hayat daughter)

Name: Fosea Shamel

Story: Fosea is 28 years old and was recently hospitalized to remove kidney stones, and was able to utilize the ministry’s medical fund through sponsorship to cover all of her hospital bills. She lives in the Chirkos community with her sweet daughter, Hayat. Hayat’s father, Mustefa, does not live with the family, but he comes to visit her occasionally. Hayat is too young for school, but enjoys playing with friends and her mom!

Tsehay Tenkir.jpg square

Name: Tsehay Tenkir

Story:  Tsehay Tenkir is 30 years old.  She sells boiled potato along the roadside and washes clothes when she gets the opportunity.  Tsehay often gets sick because of TB related sickness.  Her husband Shemsu Awol works as a day laborer.  They have two children Abdul Hafith Shemsu who is in grade one and Marian Shemsu who is 2 years old.  They do not make enough to cover food, clothing and rent.  They often have to choose between having enough food and paying their rent.  Sponsorship would allow them to afford food and rent and their children would have the opportunity to attend government school.

Learn more about our partner ministries and communities in which our sponsored children live: