Sponsor A Child

Because of people like you, we have:


families sponsored across communities in Ethiopia


Name: Ashenafi Bekele

Story: Ashenafi is 13 years old and in grade 5. He enjoys his science class and playing tag with friends. When he grows up, he wants to be an engineer. Ashenafi lives on Entoto Mountain with his father, Bekele, and two brothers.

Mekdelawit Beyene


Name: Mekedelawit Beyene

Story: Mekedelawit is 12 years old and in grade 6. She loves her math class and playing tag at recess with friends. Mekdelawit lives in Chirkos with both of her parents and three siblings. Her father, Beyene, works as a guard to support the family.

Nardos Ashenafi


Name: Nardos Ashenafi

Story: Nardos is 10 years old and in the 4th grade. She loves learning math and playing with friends. She lives with both of her parents and her little sister in Korah. Her mom works as a housemaid and her father works as a cleaner.



Name: Manendamlak

Story: Manendamlak is 8 years old and in grade 1. He loves his English class and playing soccer with friends. He lives in Yirgalem with his 4 siblings and mother, Noritu, who bakes and sells injera for a living.

What Does Sponsorship Provide?

Because of the diverse range of needs within our many communities, we aim to assess each community and family and meet their needs accordingly. When you sponsor a child for $52.50/month, you will help bring their entire family access to resources like:

Nutrition is a priority for us. We know that children cannot function as they should when they are not getting fed properly. Sponsorship ensures that your sponsored child is provided enough food for 3 meals/day, so that they can learn and play.

Access To Medical Care

Because our children live in the poorest areas of Ethiopia, they face many health challenges. Sponsorship gives them access to our separate medical fund, so that children and family members can get treated as needed.


We believe that a relationship with God and learning the truths of the Bible are vital in children becoming all that they can be. When sponsored, children are regularly exposed to the gospel, fellowship, and prayer through our programs.

Educational Support

In order for the next generation to beat the cycle of poverty, they must be educated. Throughout the year we assist our children with the materials they need to be successful in school. In some cases, children are also provided private school opportunities.

Community Development

Through empowering families and children, we are also strengthening the communities in which they live. Businesses are being started, resources are being poured in, and hope rises throughout the community as they see change.


… And the greatest of these is Love. We have been strategic in partnering with ministries that put priority on loving those within our communities. Through our team visits, through letters from sponsors, and through the opportunity to thrive, we believe the biggest changes come from the love our families and children receive once they are sponsored.

Learn more about our partner ministries and communities in which our sponsored children live: