Hand In Hand

Location: Different locations throughout Addis Ababa, with a focus on Chirkos

Ministry Director: Tekabe Ambaw

Overview: Tekabe chose to focus on the poverty-stricken area of Chirkos in Addis Ababa. He first learned of the area from friends of his that were discussing top areas of the city with hunger concerns. He researched the area, and educated himself more intently on the needs of this community. Tekabe learned that most do not have a way to generate income, and therefore, many turn to prostitution as a means to survive and provide. As a result, many children in the area are half orphaned, not knowing their father. The poverty in many families is severe, and the teachers of the area are used to witnessing kids fainting in class. Often, children find quitting school as the only option. The children in this area are badly in need of educational and nutritional aid.

As we provide school materials, uniforms and such, it is a tremendous way to also help the children psychologically, to have confidence that they can achieve great things.

Hand In Hand aims to identify the obstacles that are stopping children from getting an adequate education, which Tekabe believes largely are the expense of food and school materials, and provide these things in addition to hope, care and love.