Hand in Hand

Available Sponsorships

All sponsorships are $55/month

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Fosea Shamel (Hayat daughter)

Name: Fosea Shamel

Story: Fosea is 28 years old and was recently hospitalized to remove kidney stones, and was able to utilize the ministry’s medical fund through sponsorship to cover all of her hospital bills. She lives in the Chirkos community with her sweet daughter, Hayat. Hayat’s father, Mustefa, does not live with the family, but he comes to visit her occasionally. Hayat is too young for school, but enjoys playing with friends and her mom!

Tsehay Tenkir.jpg square

Name: Tsehay Tenkir

Story:  Tsehay Tenkir is 30 years old.  She sells boiled potato along the roadside and washes clothes when she gets the opportunity.  Tsehay often gets sick because of TB related sickness.  Her husband Shemsu Awol works as a day laborer.  They have two children Abdul Hafith Shemsu who is in grade one and Marian Shemsu who is 2 years old.  They do not make enough to cover food, clothing and rent.  They often have to choose between having enough food and paying their rent.  Sponsorship would allow them to afford food and rent and their children would have the opportunity to attend government school.


Name: Zewdnesh Welde

Story: Zewdnesh is 45 years old and a single mom. She has one daughter who doesn’t live with her, but she supports her in college. Zewdnesh has worked as house maid and as cleaner.  She currently suffers from a variety of health problems including a uterus infection, extreme back ache and leg pain, as well as a skin allergy. She is not currently working because of her leg pain.