Hand in Hand

Available Sponsorships

All sponsorships are $55/month

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Name: Wossen

Story: Wossen is a middle aged woman who spent her life working as a housemaid. She cleaned, washed clothing, and cooked for various families as well as the guest house until recently when she became very ill. Wossen first became sick 2 years ago and has visited the hospital several times. Doctors have told her she has very weak immune system and she was diagnosed with a uterus infection and diabetes after losing almost 30lb in a short period of time. Wossen is raising her 16 year old niece, Ethiopia, and is currently unable to work due to her illness. She needs assistance with meeting her basic needs and affording medical care.

Fosea Shamel (Hayat daughter)

Name: Fosea Shamel

Story: Fosea is 28 years old and was recently hospitalized to remove kidney stones, and was able to utilize the ministry’s medical fund through sponsorship to cover all of her hospital bills. She lives in the Chirkos community with her sweet daughter, Hayat. Hayat’s father, Mustefa, does not live with the family, but he comes to visit her occasionally. Hayat is too young for school, but enjoys playing with friends and her mom!


Name: Adanech

Story: Adanech is a 46 year old single mother and has three children. Her children’s education is very important to her, and she works to pay for their schooling. In the past she has worked as a daily laborer carrying and delivering construction materials, and also worked as a housemaid. Adanech has been living with HIV for past 12 years, and is doing better on medication, however she often suffers from throat and back pain that make working very difficult for her to manage. Sponsorship would help Adanech meet her basic needs, help her send her children to school, and help her afford the medical attention she needs.


Name: Zewdnesh Welde

Zewdnesh is 45 years old and a single mom. She has one daughter who doesn’t live with her, but she supports her in college. Zewdnesh has worked as house maid and as cleaner.  She currently suffers from a variety of health problems including a uterus infection, extreme back ache and leg pain, as well as a skin allergy. She is not currently working because of her leg pain.