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Fosea Shamel 3

Name: Fosea Shamel

Story: Fosea is 29 years old and mother to the sweet 2 year old pictured above. She tried to wash clothes in the village but she doesn’t have steady work. She came to Addis as a young child to find work and has been there ever since.

Kurisheula Shewa Miteke

Name: Kurisheula Shewa Miteke

Age: 15 years old

Grade: 5th grade

Favorite Subject: Math

Dreams of Being: Artist

Story: Kurisheula’s parents both have passed away. She is currently living with an aunt and works with her after school to sell food. She also loves to play soccer.

Kalkidan Sisay-2

Name: Kalkidan Sisay

Age: 13 years old.

Grade: 6th grade.

Favorite Subject: Civics and Ethics

Dreams of Being: Singer, dancer, actress

Story: Kalkidan lives with her mother, her parents are separated. Her mother sells vegetables on the streets. Kalkidan also has a 3 year old sister.

Aylech Angasa 2

Name: Minike

Age: 9 years old

Grade: Grade 1

Favorite Subject: Amharic

Dreams of Being: Police man

Story: Minike lives with his mother, Aylech, and 6 year old half sister. Aylech’s husband left her when she was pregnant. She washes clothes for a living.

Abay Ichelea 2

Name: Binyam

Age: 13 years old

Grade: Grade 5

Favorite Subject: Science

Dreams of Being: Pilot

Story: Binyam lives with his older sister, because their parents passed away. His sister, Abay, is 30 years old and works at and around the trash dump. She has two little children, and her husband is disabled.

Mulu 2

Name: Birhanu

Age: 10 years old

Grade: Grade 4

Favorite Subject: English

Dreams of Being: Pilot

Story: Birhanu lives with his mother, father, and two siblings. His mother (pictured) is completely blind, and his father is a leper. Both of them beg when they are able, in order to make a living for their family. Birhanu’s brother is 21 and his sister is 7.


Name: Manendamlak

Age: 7

Grade: Nursery School

Favorite Subject: English

Story: Manendamlak lives with his mother, Noritu. She is 38 years old, and was recently left by her husband after giving birth to her 5th child. To support her family, Noritu bakes and sells injera, which is a traditional Ethiopian bread. She is also HIV+ , creating many health problems for her without adequate food.

Selame Shifara 1

Name: Semeon & Mikiyas

Age: 13 & 11

Grade: 3rd & 2nd Grade

Story: These two brothers live with their 50 year old mother, Selame. To make a living for the family, she was making traditional food called mojo as well as digging cow dung to mix in the mud for houses, but she stopped working now because she is very weak and tired.

shewa yeder kabiso and kid she raises

Name: Asnakech

Age: 13 years old

Grade: Grade 5

Story: Asnakech loves going to school and she hopes to be an accountant when she grows up. Her mother, Shiwida Kabiso, is 33 years old and was born and raised in Yirgalem. Shiwida is raising her daughter alone and has a job braiding other people’s hair.