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Hannan Said

Name: Hannah Said

Age: 11 years old.

Grade: 5th grade.

Favorite Subject: Civics and Ethics

Dreams of Being: Pilot

Story: She lives with her parents. Her father is currently unemployed and her mother bakes injera at a cafe. She also has one 9 year old brother, Henok.

Kurisheula Shewa Miteke

Name: Kurisheula Shewa Miteke

Age: 15 years old

Grade: 5th grade

Favorite Subject: Math

Dreams of Being: Artist

Story: Kurisheula’s parents both have passed away. She is currently living with an aunt and works with her after school to sell food. She also loves to play soccer.

Kalkidan Sisay-2

Name: Kalkidan Sisay

Age: 13 years old.

Grade: 6th grade.

Favorite Subject: Civics and Ethics

Dreams of Being: Singer, dancer, actress

Story: Kalkidan lives with her mother, her parents are separated. Her mother sells vegetables on the streets. Kalkidan also has a 3 year old sister.

Sintayehu Yirpu

Name: Sintayehu Yirpu

Age: 15 years old

Grade: 5th grade

Favorite Subject: Physical Education

Dreams of Being: Scientist

Story: Sintayehu lives with her aunt. She cooks for other families to make money. Her mother lives in the countryside and her father passed away.

Yonas Abebe

Name: Yonas Abebe

Age: 15 years old.

Grade: 7th grade.

Favorite Subject: Math

Dreams of Being: Engineer

Story: Yonas lives with his parents. His dad is a guard and his mom doesn’t work. He has one 15 year old brother, and two sisters, ages 21 and 18.

Ashenafe Mola 1

Name: Ashenafe Mola

Age: 12

Grade: 5th Grade

Favorite Subject: Science

Dreams of Being: Electrical Engineer

Story: Ashenafi lives with his grandmother, 14 year old brother, and mother, Yishe. Yishe used to collect recycled materials from the trash dump to sell but has not been able to make enough money to cover costs. Ashenafi’s grandmother begs to help provide for the family. His father has remarried and lives far from them.

Aylech Angasa 2

Name: Minike

Age: 9 years old

Grade: Grade 1

Favorite Subject: Amharic

Dreams of Being: Police man

Story: Minike lives with his mother, Aylech, and 6 year old half sister. Aylech’s husband left her when she was pregnant. She washes clothes for a living.

Abeba Damtea

Name: Wede

Age: 8 years old

Favorite Color: Red

Story: Wede is 8 years old and was so cute while she sat for the interview. She was swinging her legs in the chair and laughing with her brother and mother. The youngest child is 7 year old, Niguisse. He was sitting just like his sister and waiting for his turn to speak. He told us that he likes the color red just like his sister and that his favorite food is chai and bread.

Elfay Shelamo 1

Name: Bethlehem

Age: 11

Grade: Grade 4

Favorite Subject: English

Dreams of Being: Doctor

Story: Bethlehem lives with her mother, Elfay, her father, and two younger siblings. Her mother washes clothes, cooks, and fetches things for people to provide for their family. Her father pushes a donkey cart. Her mother initially came to Yirgalem looking for work.


Name: Debritu

Story: Debritu is not sure of her age, but is older than 70 and living in the village of Yirgalem. She has two children but lives alone, one of her children is almost 60 years old. She owns a home but since she lives alone, she has no one to help with her most basic necessities at such an old age.

sisay areda

Name: Bezayehu

Age: 18

Grade: Just finished Grade 10

Dreams of Being: Photo Journalist, in hopes of shining a light on corruption

Story: Bezayehu lives with her mother, Sisay, who is HIV positive. Sisay sells firewood and charcoal to make a living but does not make enough because her home is in an inconvenient location. Bezayehu is extremely driven and in the top of her class.