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Hannan Said

Name: Hannah Said

Age: 11 years old.

Grade: 5th grade.

Favorite Subject: Civics and Ethics

Dreams of Being: Pilot

Story: She lives with her parents. Her father is currently unemployed and her mother bakes injera at a cafe. She also has one 9 year old brother, Henok.


Name: Mekdelawit Beyene

Age: 11 years old

Grade: 5th grade

Favorite Subject: Math

Dreams of Being: Professional Runner

Story: Mekdelawit’s father is a guard and her mother stays at home. She lives with her two sisters and one brother.

Kalkidan Sisay-2

Name: Kalkidan Sisay

Age: 13 years old.

Grade: 6th grade.

Favorite Subject: Civics and Ethics

Dreams of Being: Singer, dancer, actress

Story: Kalkidan lives with her mother, her parents are separated. Her mother sells vegetables on the streets. Kalkidan also has a 3 year old sister.


Name: Agenyosh Mogus

Age: 15 years old

Grade: Grade 7

Favorite Class: Amharic

Dreams of Being: Doctor

Story: Agenyosh lives with her 60 year old grandmother, who is unable to work due to health reasons. She loves to sew as a hobby and is ranked 40 out of 70 in her class.





Name: Siru

Age: 7

Grade: Grade 2

Favorite Color: Red

Story: Siru loves to run and wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She lives with her mother, Azelech, in Yirgalem, Ethiopia. Her mother is 30 years old and makes traditional food from squeezing the leaves that come from a banana tree and selling them at the market. Siru’s father is largely uninvolved in their family and does not contribute much.

Burtikan 2

Name: Samuel

Age: 6

Grade: Nursery School

Dreams of Being: Policeman

Story: Samuel’s mother, Burtikan, is 25 years old and makes traditional food from squeezing the leaves from a banana tree and selling them at the market. Her hands are extremely blistered from this hard labor which only earns her a few cents per day. Her husband works and lives far away from their village. Samuel has a 4 year old brother and baby brother. Burtikan loves her 3 children very much.

Lemitu Lakow

Name: Lemitu Lakow

Story: Lemitu is 40 years old. She came to Korah 13 years ago in order to be a nanny and seek a better life for herself. Currently, Lemitu does not have a job so she will beg from time to time to earn an income for herself and her family. Lemitu has four children, ages 16, 14, 7, and her baby. Baby Medenet says her favorite color is yellow “because it is the color in the Ethiopian flag”.

Mestowit Fekadu 2

Name: Mestowit

Age: 13 years old

Grade: 4th grade

Favorite Subject: Amharic

Dreams of Being: Doctor

Story: Mestowit lives with her grandmother who is very sick and weak from old age. Mestowit’s parents left her many years ago and she doesn’t remember anything about them. She loves school and enjoys making coffee and hanging out with friends.

Tewne and Robel 4

Name: Robel

Age: 3

Grade: –

Favorite Subject: –

Dreams of Being: –

Story: Robel’s parents live far out in the countryside and they felt it would be best for him to live with his grandmother in the city as they had no means for supporting him. Robel’s grandmother, Tewne, is 70 years old and raises him alone.