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Priority Families:

For profiles of more families, email kblevins@ordinaryhero.org. All sponsorships are $52.50/month. 


Name: Kalkidan Damtie (pink jacket)

Age: 7 years old.

Grade: 1st grade

Favorite Subject: Math

Dreams of Being: Doctor

Story: She lives with her mother and two sisters. Her mother is a housemaid and washes clothes in the village. Both Kalkidan and her mother are HIV+, and are in need of food and basic needs in order for their medicine to be effective.

Kurisheula Shewa Miteke

Name: Kurisheula Shewa Miteke

Age: 15 years old

Grade: 5th grade

Favorite Subject: Math

Dreams of Being: Artist

Story: Kurisheula’s parents both have passed away. She is currently living with an aunt and works with her after school to sell food. She also loves to play soccer.

Kalkidan Sisay-2

Name: Kalkidan Sisay

Age: 13 years old.

Grade: 6th grade.

Favorite Subject: Civics and Ethics

Dreams of Being: Singer, dancer, actress

Story: Kalkidan lives with her mother, her parents are separated. Her mother sells vegetables on the streets. Kalkidan also has a 3 year old sister.

Aylech Angasa 2

Name: Minike

Age: 9 years old

Grade: Grade 1

Favorite Subject: Amharic

Dreams of Being: Police man

Story: Minike lives with his mother, Aylech, and 6 year old half sister. Aylech’s husband left her when she was pregnant. She washes clothes for a living.


Name: Lidet Yegezoo

Age: 12 years old

Grade: 8

Dreams of Being: Engineer

Story: She loves learning biology and hopes to be an engineer when she grows up. Lidet lives with her grandmother as both of her parents passed away from tuberculosis when she was younger.

Selshe and husband

Name: Awedeshu and family

Story: Awedeshu Teda and her husband Seleshe have two children. In order to support the family, Selshe is part of the income generation program through Ordinary Hero. His business fluctuates in sales and profits, just like any other business does, but he and his family are doing okay. Awedeshu has a 4 year old named Bereket. Bereket is shy and sat grinning and hiding behind his mother during the interview, and told us that he has a little brother. This family is in need of sponsorship until Selshe’s business has grown to become profitable.

Alem Hailu 2

Name: Kalkidan

Age: 14

Grade: Grade 7

Favorite Subject: Amharic

Dreams of Being: Doctor

Story: Kalkidan lives with her mother, Alem, and 9 year old sister. Her little sister was recently in a burn accident and was unable to start school. She is still healing, and needs ongoing treatment. Her mother braids hair for work, and her father passed away from malaria about ten years ago.

Toon Mesfin

Name: Toon Mesfin

Age: 5

Grade: KG

Story: She lives with her mother, Amanesh, whom recently became a widow. She works in other people’s homes cleaning and washing clothes. She is also HIV+.