Talita Rise Up

Location: Yirgalem, Ethiopia

Ministry Director: Abenezer Getachew

Overview: Talita Rise Up is located in the Southern part of Ethiopia in a town called Yirgalem. It is home to some 30,000-40,000 residents, many of whom are HIV positive. Despite the governments provision of the meds to combat HIV, many are unable to obtain effective treatment due to their extreme poverty and lack of the required nutrition to tolerate the medications. Talita Rise Up is the only ministry of it’s kind in the area and houses approximately 15 children. A majority of these children were abandoned as young as a few days old. Talita has a Saturday feeding program where more than 100 children come to eat, play, and hear a Bible teaching. In addition, Talita Rise Up has a sponsorship program in which the most vulnerable families in the area are able to get their most basic needs met. Lives continue to be changed through this God-ordained partnership.