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Shewadar kabiso

Name: Asnakech (Shiwida’s daughter)

Story: Asnakech loves to help her mother Shiwida with household work. She is a very good student. She wants to become a police officer and a social worker when she grows up because she wants to defend women and also help the poor. Shiwida has a vegetable kiosk on the gate of her house. They currently live in a government house without water or electricity. Sponsorship would give them the ability to run power lines to their house for water and electricity.

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Name: Agenehu Abera

Story: Agenehu Abera is in grade 6. His favorite subject is English. He is a very good student in school. He works hard and would love the opportunity to attend a private school. His favorite game is football.  He lives with his mother Dinblal Dukamo and his 9-year-old brother Henok Worke who is in grade 2. His father left the family after his brother was born. Dinblal works as a daily laborer. She does not make enough to pay for food and rent and each month.

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