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All sponsorships are $55/month

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Wondemagegn with his mother Almaz and his bigger brother

Name: Wondemagegehu Tadele

Story: Wondemagegehu Tadele is 7 years old and is in the first grade. He wants to become a doctor when he grows up and enjoys playing soccer in his free time. Wondemagegehu has three siblings, but two of them live in the countryside with their grandmother due to the family’s poverty. Wondemagegehu has one brother that lives with him and he is 13 years old. Their mother used to work in individual houses cleaning up animal dung but she had to stop due to health issues. She is the one solely supporting the family as their father left a few years ago. Sponsorship ensures that their most basic needs will be met, such as food and housing.

Dagim Deribe (fathers name Deribe

Name: Dagim Deribe

Story: Dagim is 7 years old and he is in the first grade. His father’s name is Deribe and his mother’s name is Maheteme. He has one sister that is one year old. Dagim wants to become an engineer when he grows up and loves  playing  soccer. His favorite subject is Amharic and he loves to eat enjera with potatoes. Dagim’s father fell from a tree two years ago. As a result, his left hand does not work properly. He used to work as a daily laborer, but ever since the accident he hasn’t been able to. The mother watches after the youngest all day. The family’s biggest need is food and house rent.


Name: Habib Besher

Story: Habib is 5 years old and he lives with his mother and sister. His favorite color is red and his favorite food is a traditional Ethiopian dish called firfir. His mother, Semira, is 30 years old and she is a daily laborer. Her maximum income per day is 20 birr (less than $1). She has 2 children, including Habib and a 6-year old daughter. They are currently living in their neighbor’s kitchen.


Name:  Sintayu Bezibah

Story:  Sintayu is 50 years old. She sells coffee bean in the market place to earn a small income. She has difficulty walking due to pain in her leg which can make it difficult to get to the market and sell her coffee beans.  Her son, Ayalkibet Bezabih is18 years old, and studying technique and skills. It is very hard for her to pay the rent and feed her son. She often has to go without food. She is in need of food support and medical care.  Please consider supporting this precious family.