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Abebech Habte

Name: Abebech Habte

Story: Abebech Habte is a 40 year old widow, and is raising her three children as a single mother. To support her family she works collecting and selling firewood, as well as making and selling injera in the village. Abebech is living with HIV/AIDS in Yirgalem, and is able to live in a government house because of it. She lives there with her three children, Sina, 17 years old, Wondu, 14 years old, and Michat, 9 years old.

Kasech and her sibilings 1

Name: Kasech Katema

Story: Kasech is 12 years old and in 4th grade. She lives in Yirgalem with her brother, Tekile, 11 years old and in 4th grade, and sister, Hibrer, who is 9 years old and in 2nd grade. The children lost their parents around 6 years ago due to poor health. Their parents had sever wounds on their bodies that were infected, ultimately resulting in their death. Kasech and her siblings are currently living with their aunt, Aster Kawiso.

Shewadar kabiso

Name: Shiwida Kabiso

Story: Shiwida is about 40 years old, and contracted Polio as a child, which left her crippled and dependent on a cane. She never married, but is raising sisters Asnakech Seyum, 13 years old, and Kidist Seyum, 8 years old, for a family member who lives in a rural village. Asnakech is in 6th grade, and Kidist is in 2nd. To support the girls Shiwida braids hair and sells firewood and charcoal in the village.