Orphan Care

“The orphan is not a cause. The orphan is not an issue. The orphan has a human face. Jesus tells us that when we see the poor, the weak, the vulnerable, the tossed aside, we see Him.”

-Russell D. Moore 

Our Orphan Care Programs

Abandoned Baby Care

Talita Rise Up is located in Southern Ethiopia in a village called Yirgalem and is the only ministry of its kind in the area, housing babies who were abandoned as young as a few days old in the Talita Rise Up Orphanage. Once a resident of the orphanage, these babies receive excellent infant care and are eligible to be a part of the Foster to Adopt Program. The Abandoned Baby Care (ABC) Sponsorship helps Talita Rise Up meet their baby care needs providing: diapers, formula, fish oil supplements, baby clothing, blankets, lotions, creams, baby toys and salaries for 24-hour nannies and a medical nurse on site. The Foster to Adopt Program successfully places babies from the orphanage with local Ethiopian families who are looking to adopt babies within their own country. As a part of this program these families undergo thorough background check processes, assessments, trials, and counseling before they are eligible to adopt. After a successful trial period the babies are eligible for adoption by the family, and are raised in their forever homes in their home country and culture.

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Transitional Street Kids

Mission 10:10 believes that God’s intention was not for us to simply exist, but live abundant, full lives. An abundant life starts with basic needs being met. Mission 10:10 provides a Christ-centered home to children ages 8-12 that were found living and sleeping on the streets. These street children lived in the shadows, resorting to stealing to stay alive, many addicted to glue to stave their hunger. Mission 10:10 houses these children at their compound, helping them transition to living in a loving, god-centered home off the streets and out of danger. Additionally, the ministry provides nutrition, medical care, education, spiritual development, and socialization, with a goal to transition these children into a local Ethiopian foster family within 1-2 years, where they will experience the love and comfort of a forever family.


Aging Out Youth

Most teenagers can’t wait to grow up and head into the world on their own. For those who grow up in an orphanage, however, growing up means “aging out.” It means leaving the only family they’ve ever known to step out into the world without a safety net to catch them when life doesn’t turn out. This is the reality for many of the young men and women that have grown up in the orphanages we partner with. That is why our Aging Out Youth initiative helps these children that are ready to spread their wings and succeed in the world outside their orphanage. In partnership with our friends at Talita Rise Up and Hand in Hand, our goal is to empower these young adults to thrive in life outside of the walls of the orphanage.

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