Our Partners

We aim to find the change makers in vulnerable communities,

so that we may come alongside them and leverage their vision. With our support, our ministry and business partners have grown to be some of the most effective and successful programs in their area.

Our Ministry Partners

Endihnew Hope

Endihnew Hope is located on Entoto Mountain in the beautiful Ethiopian countryside on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. It is home to many people suffering from HIV, Tuberculosis, mental illness, and other medical concerns who have come to the mountain in pursuit of healing from the “holy water” located in a local Orthodox church on the mountain. Children on Entoto Mountain often struggle with starvation, poverty, and disease, and have little access to education. Endihnew Hope has a Saturday Feeding Program where more than 200 children come to eat a nutritious meal and play, and 20-30 youth participate in an in-depth Bible study leadership group. The ministry also has a Sponsorship Program in which the most vulnerable families in the area are able to get their basic needs met including access to food, hygiene items, education, and medical care, along with care for their souls through discipleship and prayer. The Endihnew Hope Medical Clinic sees roughly 50 people in clinic each month, in addition to home visits completed by the staff 6 days a week.


Hand in Hand

The Hand in Hand ministry serves a variety of needs and families throughout Addis Ababa, with a focus on the Chirkos Community. Chirkos is a local slum area and most of the mothers in Chirkos do not have a way to generate income, and therefore, many turn to prostitution as a means to survive and provide for their children. As a result, many children in the area are half orphaned, not knowing their father. The poverty in many families is severe, and the teachers of the area frequently witness kids fainting in class. Often, children find quitting school as the only option. Hand in Hand offers a daily feeding program for these at risk children at a primary school in Chirkos in which over 100 children receive a nutritious lunch, enabling them to focus in the classroom with a full belly. Sponsorship through Hand in Hand varies by community and includes General Family Sponsorships to meet a family’s basic needs, as well as Aging Out Sponsorships, Boarding School Sponsorships, and Private School Sponsorships.


Korah Community

The Korah community is a small village in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, known today as a trash dump community. It was originally established as a leper’s colony after a leprosy hospital was placed there decades ago. People caught word of the hospital and those afflicted with leprosy came from all over Ethiopia to make Korah their home. Eventually the city of Addis designated this area as the spot for the city landfill. The population is estimated at over 100,000 people living within 2 square miles. An estimated 3,000 lepers live in the village today, and around 10% of the population in Korah is HIV+. The three main income sources are begging, collecting recycled materials at the local trash dump and daily labor. Our ministry partner has a Sponsorship Program in which families are able to get their basic needs met including access to food, hygiene items, education, and medical care. The program also offers an Income Generation Program for select families looking to learn a trade in order to work toward a sustainable source of income.


Mission 10:10

“I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

Mission 10:10 believes that God’s intention was not for us to simply exist, but live abundant, full lives. An abundant life starts with basic needs being met. Mission 10:10 provides a Christ-centered home to children ages 8-12 that were found living and sleeping on the streets. These street children lived in the shadows, resorting to stealing to stay alive, many addicted to glue to stave their hunger. Mission 10:10 houses these children at their compound, helping them transition to living in a loving, god-centered home off the streets and out of danger. Additionally, the ministry provides nutrition, medical care, education, spiritual development, and socialization, with a goal to transition these children into a local Ethiopian foster family within 1-2 years, where they will experience the love and comfort of a forever family.


Talita Rise Up

Talita Rise Up is located in the Southern part of Ethiopia in a village called Yirgalem. It is home to some 30,000-40,000 residents, many of whom are HIV positive. Despite the government’s provision of medications to combat HIV, many are unable to obtain effective treatment due to their extreme poverty and lack of the required nutrition to tolerate the medications. Talita Rise Up is the only ministry of its kind in the area, and houses children who were abandoned as young as a few days old in the Talita Rise Up Orphanage. Talita has a Saturday Feeding Program where more than 150 children come to eat, play, and hear Bible teachings, and also has a Sponsorship Program in which the most vulnerable families in the area are able to get their basic needs met including access to food, hygiene items, education, and medical care, along with care for their souls through discipleship and prayer. Additional programs include the Women’s Empowerment Program, Teen Girls Empowerment Program, Education Sponsorship Program, and Girls Aging Out Program.


In 2019, we distributed over


collectively to our partners to support their communities.

Our Business Partners


Founded by OH Guest House Manager, Fray Ayalew, Gabies is a start-up business that creates beautiful hand-woven blankets. Located in Addis Ababa, Gabies was founded in May 2017, and currently employees 8 weavers, providing them with fair, livable wages, allowing them to support their families. Not only does Gabies provide better opportunities for weavers, but it also gives back to some of the poorest and chilliest areas around Addis Ababa. For every three blankets sold, Gabies currently gives one blanket to a family need. However, as the business grows, their dream is to donate a blanket to someone in need for every blanket purchased.


Lila Products

Founded by Gelila Shewaye, Lila Products was born out of a love of fashion and the desire to help marginalized men and women live their fullest lives. Gelila was first exposed to the Korah trash dump community of Addis Ababa when she served as a translator for a mission team visiting the area. In the midst of the rubble and stench she saw mothers and young children collecting food to eat and items to sell.  It dawned on Gelila – her trash was their income. In the middle of such great need Gelila saw hope. Among the poverty and the trash she saw people with tremendous potential and ingenuity.  The mission of Lila Products is to give marginalized men and women a voice, value, and opportunity both locally and internationally by creating job opportunities that can change their lives. Lila Products sells jewelry and rugs made by the hands of the very people she dreamed of serving in Korah.


Korah Beth Coffee

Korah Beth Coffee is a mission-focused coffee company in Addis Ababa, focused on bringing opportunity to the marginalized. The namesake of Korah Beth Coffee derives from Beth Venable, a beautiful wife and mother with a heart for orphans. Beth and her husband, Michael adopted from Ethiopia and shortly after welcoming their son home, Beth was unexpectedly diagnosed with a brain disease and tragically passed away soon after. Rather than flowers or gifts, Michael wanted those who loved Beth to donate to the Beth Venable Memorial Fund, which has blessed many lives in Ethiopia and beyond. After an outpouring of love from friends and family the dream of Korah Beth Coffee was brought to life. Today Korah Beth Coffee exists to provide quality roasted Ethiopian coffee to local and international markets, and currently employees three women from the Korah community who prepare, roast, grind, and package the coffee grown in various rural regions of Ethiopia. This job opportunity empowers these women to be able to provide for their families and have dependable income outside of the trash dump in Korah.


Ordinary Hero Guest House & Life Center

The Ordinary Hero Guest House & Life Center was opened in the Lofto neighborhood of Addis Ababa in 2013, and is host to several mission teams, church groups, and families who visit Ethiopia from around the globe. The Guest House was made possible by the Beth Venable Memorial Fund with the vision that new life, new hope, ministry, and outreach will spring forth from the Life Center because of the life, legacy, and passion for the children of Ethiopia that Beth left behind. Visitors of the Guest House receive comfortable and spacious rooms, a breathtaking view of the city, private bathrooms, and complimentary breakfast, as well as translators and drivers that are known as some of the best in Addis Ababa. For bookings and more information visit the website at: www.OHguesthouse.com

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