Adoption Resources

UNICEF and global partners define an orphan as a child who has lost one or both parents. By this definition, there are 

over 132 million orphans.

Our Response


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Orphan Prevention

The orphan crisis is complex, and we must approach it from all ends. In many cases, children are given to orphanage due to poverty and preventable diseases that take the life of parents. If we can empower families, we can prevent orphans.


Interested in adopting? Below you will find links that point you in the direction to start the process.

Adoption Resources

Millions of orphans around the world stay in one place, waiting with anticipation to be chosen into a family. They are ready, expecting, yet day after day they sit and wait for a family to call their own.

To view waiting children internationally visit:

To view waiting children in the United States visit:

Second Chance Adoptions:

PLEASE NOTE: Ordinary Hero Foundation is not an adoption agency. We help advocate for waiting children by bringing awareness through our website. Please research all adoption agencies associated with waiting children. Ordinary Hero takes no responsibility for procedures conducted through individual adoption agencies.