Founder’s Story

When Kelly Putty, Founder of Ordinary Hero, first turned her gaze to Ethiopia, it was to adopt her son.

But when she got there and saw the precious faces of the orphaned children left behind at her son’s orphanage, she knew she had to do more. So, she committed to advocating for each child to get adopted.
Eventually many of the children were adopted into new forever families. It was in that moment that the power of an ordinary person’s ability to change someone’s world was truly realized.
Before long, people joined Kelly and Ordinary Hero with one simple goal: to change the world for one. What started as an endeavor to find families for orphans eventually grew into much, much more. Today, Ordinary Hero partners with ministries in impoverished communities in order to advocate for the vulnerable and empower ordinary people to change the life of a child in need.
Kelly’s story continues to change lives as she shares it with churches, conferences, bible studies, orphanages, and schools. If you would like to invite Kelly to share her testimony and more about the work she’s passionate about, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.